Diagnosed With Cancer, She Never Expected This Incredible Gift As A Wedding Present!

Dede Daniel received shocking news: a diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer was threatening her life. With two kids to raise and a wedding to plan, she didn’t know how she was going to balance it all. That’s when she found out about this incredible gift from a  group of strangers who wanted to give her something special.After her first round of treatment, her fiance proposed to move the wedding forward. After all, “for better or for worse” wasn’t a phrase that should be taken lightly. With the mounting hardships that the couple would face together, he reached out to a radio talk show host and asked for suggestions about affordable wedding locations.The suggestions flooded in…and so did offers from small business owners who had been listening in! A wedding planner, a local florist, and a photographer begged the couple to let them offer free services.

The florist didn’t hold back, as you can see. The photographer surprised them with an engagement shoot and also gave Dede a donated wedding gown to create these incredible pictures! She thought they would be taking pictures for “Save the Date” cards, but when they arrived, there was a videographer, a camera crew, a makeup artist, a bouquet, and the donated dress. Dede wasn’t sure that she wanted her wig in the photographs, so she took some with the wig and some without.

She has treatment plans all lined up for the next few months, and the doctors hope that she will be in remission before the year is up. She hopes to be strong enough to walk down the isle with confidence. She wants to encourage women and tell them that it is scary, and it is hard, but that they can beat the cancer. They can get through it and still have great lives. Her strength is inspiring.

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