Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s, Nan Was Struggling To Remain Calm…Until Her Grandkids Borrowed A Dog!

Five years ago, Richard and Martin Dawson learned that their grandmother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and when it got worse, they noticed a heartbreaking change in the woman they had known all of their lives.

Whenever she experienced pain or confusion, their Nan would become increasingly upset…but they quickly realized that she was much more calm when their baby nephew came to visit with them. She would cuddle him and dote on him, distracted by the love of a small, adorable child.

The only problem was that their nephew couldn’t always come to visit Nan, and she would become overwhelmed at the absence of a distraction. They put their heads together and decided to try something else…a dog!They couldn’t care for a new puppy as they both had full-time jobs, and their Nan wasn’t capable of caring for an animal, so they decided to “rent” one! They did some research and learned of a website called Borrow My Doggy, a site that allows people to search for nearby animals and their owners who were willing to lend out some cuddles.

They found a woman named Ann with a 9-month-old dachshund puppy named Orla. Nan was immediately enthralled with the dog, and her reactions helped her to remain calm during her illness.

As the story was shared, many people learned about the program and were excited to sign up! For elderly or sick people that can’t care for a dog, this program is the perfect solution to bring a little joy into their lives!

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