Delivery Driver Goes Missing For Half An Hour. He Stuns Everyone When He Finally Shows Up!

Around 11 p.m., Ashley Schafer ordered pizza from their local Domino’s and knew that her order would arrive shortly. The location was nearby and they’d ordered from that store before…but after an hour passed, she decided to call and see what had happened. This was unusual. As she picked up her phone to ring the manager, there was a knock on the door.

The manager from the Domino’s was at her doorstep, asking if the delivery man had come by. Ben Houston, the 23-year-old delivery man, was deaf and his phone had recently stopped working. Schafer hadn’t received her pizza…

But 30 minutes later, a full hour after Houston had left the store with her pizza, he knocked on her door. Schafer thought nothing of it, thanked him, and went to close the door…and that’s when she noticed that Houston had walked to her house.
She immediately called the manager and told her that Houston hadn’t been driving a car. It turns out that his car had broken down. He had called one of the employees from the store and was going to wait for them to pick up him while he waited next to his car, but when no one came, he decided to deliver the pizza on foot.

Schafer told the manager which way Houston had been walking and they were able to pick up their stranded employee. His story spread, and Schafer decided to start a fundraiser to help Houston repair his car… “or for new shoes!”

So far, they have nearly reached their goal of $3,000!

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