Delicious Disaster Splatters Across The Freeway Completely Shutting Down Traffic

No one expected this highway to be completely shut down due to a wreck, but the year 2017 is full of unbelievable surprises, and this is probably the most delicious of them all.

A tractor trailer crashed into a highway overpass by accident one Wednesday afternoon, sending its cargo tumbling and sailing across all lanes of traffic. The ensuing disaster was a mess to look at, but the contents of the boxes is what really made this story so interesting. The trailer hadn’t crashed into other vehicles. The road was closed to due emergency personnel needing space to work. The road was closed to an overabundance of frozen pizzas.The driver wasn’t injured in the accident, but all of those delicious pizzas definitely were. News outlets were warning people to stay away and to leave the pizzas alone. The pizzas had been run over, left in the heat too long to be safely edible, and many of them had been covered in diesel fuel, making them very hazardous to try and eat. The mess was extensive, but in the end…it was just pizzas! But getting the pizzas off of the highway was more challenging than they initially thought.

Eventually, they needed to call in reinforcements to use power washers to un-stick the pizzas. Plastered and smeared along the lanes, the pizzas were comically stubborn.

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