“Deerly Beloved,” We Are Gathered Together To See This AWESOME Wedding Photograph!

In Stockton, NJ, this blushing bride and handsome groom were enjoying the dinner at their wedding reception when their photographer interrupted with a strange request.

While they were sitting with family and friends, a herd of deer had slowly trickled into the area. The party was in their backyard and surrounded by a thick wooded area. They weren’t unused to seeing the deer at random times, but it was a curious moment when so many of them appeared at once.

The photographer knew a picture-worthy moment when he saw one, and this was definitely going to be a memorable photograph! He wasn’t completely sure if it would work as the deer were very skittish as they approached. Curiously, the animals stayed where they were as the couple posed on a cobblestone bridge in front of their four-legged audience.


The deer walked around for quite some time, congregating near the bridge once the couple was done with their pictures. The picture is going viral, and people can’t get enough of their good luck!4.4a8

The animals give these photos a magical touch! The bride and groom stand out even more with their spontaneous admirers, and this photographer deserves all of the credit for spotting this unique opportunity! Many people suspected that this picture was photoshopped and altered to add the deer in afterwards. Nope! They were all just very lucky! How cute!

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