Decorate Your Home For Winter With HUGE Snowflakes In This Easy Craft!

With the cold weather on its way, decorating your home is easy with this cute and clever craft! It’s simple and fun – and you can customize the finished product to match your existing decor! With a glue gun, popsicle sticks, and spray paint, you’ll have huge snowflakes ready to hang on your living room wall!

Plan ahead. For a relatively small snowflake, you will still need roughly 30 popsicle sticks, and for a large snowflake, you’ll need around 50. The more intricate the design, the more popsicle sticks you will need – but you knew that already – so gather your supplies and get started!

11-30a5It’s easier to keep them symmetrical if you work with one “layer” at a time. Start in the very center by hot gluing five popsicle sticks together at the edges. The sticks themselves are light, so the hot glue holds them securely, but if you are using more than five sticks for the center, consider gluing them to a small circle cut out of cardboard for reinforcement.

By starting in the center, the snowflake will end up being more aligned than if you worked on one arm at a time. These can be as big or as small as you want them!

When she was finished with hers, she painted them gold and added a dusting of glitter!
11-30a6What color would your snowflakes be? Since they are incredibly light, these snowflakes can be held onto the wall with double-sided tape or even small dots of glue! You can find more details on this project here!


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