“Deal” On Facebook Ends Up Being A Huge Slab Of Plywood

Finding things for sale online is usually pretty safe. Manufacturers offer discounts, small businesses run promotions, and many people sell products online through Facebook messaging! But every now and then, a disreputable con artist gets a hold of someone who isn’t used to making big purchases and ends up pulling a fast one on the unsuspecting buyer.

Tiara Chatman thought she was purchasing a 55″ smart TV. It was heavy, mounted on a stand, and had stickers displayed on the black plastic. The remote was taped to the corner, and she didn’t find it suspicious at all. The entire thing was wrapped up in plastic wrap to keep it “safe,” and she didn’t check the product until she got home……which is exactly what the crooked salesman was counting on!

She tore into the thick plastic and realized that she had been duped! Instead of a screen, she was looking at a sheet of plywood!
Most people know to double-check items when buying from anyone that isn’t a retailer, but Chatman had never learned that lesson until now. After going through this ordeal, she claims that she isn’t going to be making any purchases from random strangers ever again!

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