Daniel Duke performs ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

“It only takes one performance to stun a panel of judges, and one song to leave an entire crowd mesmerized. This video of Daniel Duke’s performance proves there’s nothing fancy required for a good song: only a voice accompanied by an instrument can seize the moment.

This is a great example of how unrecognized talents can be pleasant surprises. Most of us are surely familiar with popular recording artists, and there are moments that the tunes they create become all-too-familiar to us. A big break given to a contestant like Daniel means the world to them, and it is evident from his outpouring of emotions.

His performance is enough to add fire to the burning passion of aspiring singers, and it’s through contests like these that we, as the audience, appreciate more of the untapped talents. He’s one of the gifted artists waiting to be recognized by a lot of fans.”

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