Dad’s Hilarious Milestone Cards Are Something Every Parent Can Relate To!

Milestones for children are the main reason parents take their babies to see a pediatrician once a month (not counting sick visits!) and are the topic of many conversations until your kids grow up a little more. Learning to hold things, following lights, and making baby noises are some of the things that doctors look out for to see how a child is developing. But what about the rest of the milestones that a lot of peopleĀ don’tĀ like to talk about? One clever dad made some more realistic milestones that parents everywhere are free to use…and they have the internet in stitches!7.13a10 These hit a little close to home! They even have a little space to write in the date that they happened, just like those “real” milestones in a baby book.

A running joke for most parents is how many times a day we get peed on by an infant. They don’t mean to do it, but very often, a baby will pee as soon as their diaper comes off. It’s an important (and cute) milestone that deserves to be documented!7.13a11Something about those tiny, odorless baby farts makes our hearts swoon! You wake up to listen and make sure that nothing is wrong (or to double-check that baby is still breathing for the 30th time that night) and a small little “pffft!” erupts from the crib. “Yep! What was I worried about, this kid is fine!” …Only to wake up 20 minutes later and check again…7.13a12As they grow and get more curious, so do the milestones. Ah, the great makeup fiasco of the 7th month. Who can forget that?7.13a13

These are fantastic, and I hope that more people decide to use them. Too cute!

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