Dad Wears T-Shirt Hoping For A Second Chance At Life…The Internet Answers!

It was a crazy idea, but after enduring 3 years of chronic kidney disease, Robert Leibowitz decided to take a leap of faith. He had a t-shirt made to advertise that he was looking for a kidney. He had O Positive blood and hoped that maybe someone would be able to help. He wore the shirt to the Magic Kingdom and hoped for the best. Curiously enough, a man stopped him and asked if he could take a picture of his shirt. Leibowitz agreed…and within hours, his phone wouldn’t stop ringing!

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Over 90,000 people shared his plea on social media, and countless thousands more saw it and told their friends. Eventually, he met the man that would save his life. Richie Sully was a father of two from Indiana. He’d seen the picture scroll across his Facebook feed and knew that he could help. When he called to offer his help, they were hopeful. After months of testing and planning, it was official: Leibowitz was getting a kidney!

He never would have met Sully if he hadn’t decided to wear the custom t-shirt, and thanks to the power of social media, he’s been giving a second chance at life and more years to spend with his children! He owes it all to the generosity of a stranger, and the incredible power of people who just want to help.

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