Dad Was A Grinch When It Came To The Charity Drive At His Daughter’s School. Her Explanation Left Him Stunned!

When did you start teaching your kids about money? Our society is based entirely around the concept of currency in exchange for goods and services…but explaining that to a 5-year-old might be a lot harder than it sounds. All my kids understood at that age was that “daddy goes to work so he can buy my food.” And not much else. They might understand that you can get “money” by working or doing chores, but knowing how much something is worth can be a harder concept to explain. 

This little girl couldn’t quite grasp the concept, but understood enough to show her true nature when it came down to what really mattered the most! Too sweet! 

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These parents knew in that one, simple moment that they had done everything right! This girl had a giving spirit, and even though she didn’t know quite how much a special bear cost, she was willing to pay for it – no matter what. I feel pride for these parents, too. Between budgeting and everyday expenses, they never let their money troubles get in the way of teaching their little girl what it means to give to others when they need it the most. What an incredible lesson!

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