Dad Tries To Help His Son After He Vomited In The Car. The Situation Quickly Spirals Out Of Control!

It isn’t often that dad takes his son home from daycare, but on this day, mom had plans to go hang out with her friends after work. Dad took over, but got a rather nasty surprise…

His son had a queasy stomach that day, and in glorious toddler fashion, vomited all over everything! (Gotta love ’em!) It was on his face, his neck, the car seat, his clothing, and they were still quite a ways from home. Dad frantically texts mom, but she isn’t picking up. Panic ensues.5.17a10 5.17a11 5.17a12The exchange has gone viral, with people laughing and sharing their own stories about similar incidents! But several people are wondering what dad meant by “YOU OWE ME SO BIG!” Why would she owe him? For taking care of his own child, does he deserve an award of some sort? Many parents liked the question, commenting, “Welcome to parenthood, Dad! She doesn’t owe you a thing.”

This hilarious wall of texts shows the panic and confusion. Dad really doesn’t know what to do! He can’t breathe without vomiting, and now the locals are accusing him of drinking because they have nothing better to do instead of helping him. At 5pm, if I saw someone vomiting on my lawn with a sick toddler, I would help clean them up, not call the police!

This dad had a rough day, and his story went viral – probably because so many parents could relate!

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