Dad Tries To Buy A New Bike For His Daughter, But The Cashier Says The Bike Has Already Been Purchased! The Events Lead Him To Do THIS!

What do you do when your kid really wants something? I mean like, with everything that they are, they want this item? I’m not talking about a spontaneous trip through the grocery store and they say, “mom, I want this cereal!!” No, I mean the trip through the store and they see it. The item that their dreams are made of. Maybe it’s a ball, maybe it’s a doll, maybe it’s a musical instrument, but you can feel their excitement. Their little eyes light up and they can barely contain themselves because they are just so affected by the thought of owning that thing. That is what happened to this dad in a Walmart around the holidays, and he was forced to make a difficult choice…


This is the sweetest story! He was struggling to do the right thing for his daughter, even though it was just outside of their budget. Some kind-hearted person must have overheard his conversation on the phone and decided that his daughter’s dream present was something that they could do for a stranger. They must have also been very sneaky about it to have gotten it all taken care of before this dad and daughter came back from putting up their other choices.

While he probably can’t make such a large purchase for another stranger, he has vowed to do small things for those around him to “give back” after experiencing such kindness. His daughter looks so happy with her new bike! Imagine the other little kids that will be given gifts like these every time this dad does a good deed when he remembers this special moment! Too sweet!

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