Dad Tried To Save Money At The Groomer’s…And Made A HUGE Mistake! Poor Mimi…

Anyone who owns a dog with long fur knows the expense of taking their pet to the groomers. Long, thick fur can easily cost over $100 to clean, and for Josh Pitruzzella’s dad, the $150 price tag on his shih tzu’s grooming was just too much to handle. Mimi, his 11-year-old pup, was overdue for a grooming session, but Piruzzella’s dad ¬†just wasn’t prepared to shell out the cash, so he told the groomer to “shave everything but the ears and tail.”8.10a10

Shih tzu owners know how terrible this idea is, but if you’ve never seen a shaved shih tzu before, how could you possibly know? Most times, a groomer will warn shih tzu owners in advance that they might want to keep fur on their pup’s face, but dad¬†wanted to pay for a “trim” which was only $35. He O.K.’d the cut, and was temporarily proud of his savings…

Until Josh went to pick up his lovable pooch and discovered that Mimi had been transformed into a “rat on meth!” The groomer explained the situation to Josh, who was shocked at his pup’s new look.8.10a11

He posted the before and after pictures on Twitter, and people couldn’t stop laughing! Josh says that Mimi doesn’t mind all of the attention, but reports that she did pee on his bed later that day…but he wouldn’t trade her in for any other dog!8.10a12

At least it happened in the summer time where she can enjoy a shaved coat!

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