Dad Took This Picture After A Hard Decision. Parents Had A LOT To Say When They Read It!

Social media allows parents to swap stories and share advice with one another, but all too often there are some parents who take the opportunity to cut others down for seemingly no reason at all. Do they think that they are giving advice? Are they just fueling their own egos? Take a look at the following story and decide for yourself.

Clint Edwards is a dad that blogs about the trials and challenges of being a parent – the good times and the bad times – and one of his stories has a lot of parents asking each other “what would YOU have done?”

It started when his daughter found dog poop in their front yard. While he was on his way to grab a shovel to clean it up, his 3-year-old daughter found it and decided to “paint” her sister with it.

I didn’t teach her to do that. I want to get this across right now, because I’m not taking credit for my child’s poop handling. She figured that out herself.

Norah ran into the house crying, Aspen chasing her, me following the two with a shovel like some sort of a gravedigger, not sure exactly what happened during the five seconds I was in the backyard, but confident it had something to do with dog poop.” He wrote.

But that was when the little girl tripped and scraped her knee. She reached up to dad for comfort, still covered in dog poop.

Suddenly I was faced with a decision. Leave her on the ground and forget that I have a daughter. Or pick her up and comfort her, all while most likely getting dog poop on me.” And so many parents could relate.

(Especially this dad!)

I cleaned her hands and her cut, her screaming the whole time, me crying on the inside. I sat her on my lap, all the while trying desperately not to get poop on me, but failing. No one gave me an award. Chances are, she won’t even remember this moment. But I know I did the right thing.” He wrote.

Some parents who read the story just missed the point completely, raising themselves up to say “when I was a parent, I never let my children get into those situations. Here’s what he should have done instead…”

What would you say to the parents commenting about everything he did wrong instead of everything he did right?

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