Dad Takes “Dress Up” To The Next Level With His Adorable 9-Month-Old Baby

Parents taking the time to make childhood magical for their kids is always precious, but for Sholom Ber Solomon, he decided to make his time with his daughter extra special! Solomon got his baby daughter, Zoe, to help him make these hilarious photographs that will most definitely by displayed around their home for the next 50 years. Just look at how cute these are!
Using simple props, easy costumes, and clever angles, each snapshot becomes a story all on its own.

He owns a vintage shop filled with all sorts of items, and members of his community are used to see him dressing up in outlandish costumes…but now that he has his very own baby to pose with, the scenes are even more perfect! He brought the scenes to life by using baby-sized props and toys instead of serious ones.
Clever angles and strategic props do most of the work. He proves that a picture doesn’t have to be elaborate to tell a story. Playing hide and seek was suddenly a very intense game with the addition of his camouflage.
Dad quickly went viral, with pictures being liked and shared across media platforms wanting to share the precious antics of this dad and his cute little baby, inspiring other parents to try out some the ideas, too!

These pictures will be treasured for decades!

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