Dad Sticks PVC Pipe Over A Small Bookshelf And Creates MAGICAL Play Area For His Daughter!

It started out as a simple idea to utilize some free space in one room…and turned into a full-blown grocery store in just two days! Creating areas in your home that promote imaginary play can easily allow a child to spend countless hours using their imaginations and having fun in the process. The couple measured out the lengths for their project but didn’t include them since everyone’s free spaces might not be the exact same. Instead, they provided the tools that they used and encouraged others to substitute their own measurements for a perfect match.9-12a9Once constructed, the entire structure was attached to the wall and mounted on a bookshelf (turned on its side!) for a miniature market stand.9-12a7Mom stretched a fun piece of fabric over the whole thing and sewed on swatches of chalkboard fabric (but you can hang a real chalkboard here – the point is to use as many things lying around your home as possible before heading to the store!) and gave it a name:

Presenting, The Market!9-12a8The toy register was purchased from a toy store, and the little shopping basket completes the look! The recycled boxes and cans make this corner shop very realistic! It is also a perfect way to start teaching your kids about coins, dollars, and addition in a fun and exciting environment. Would you build this in your home?

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