Dad Sends Text To Mom Asking To Change The Date Of Their Family Portrait Because Of A HUGE Mistake…OOPS!!

Bobby Wesson and his wife, Rayena, had planned to take family pictures…but while she was at work, she received this suspicious text from Bobby asking to reschedule. She is a nurse and was working a busy shift, so understandably she wanted a quick answer before returning to work. She was getting impatient…and his answer completely shocked her! How could he do this?!He explained that he was trying to trim the edges of their 3-year-old son’s hair (like she had asked him to do), but he walked away for a few seconds. Predictably, their son picked up the clippers, and before dad could stop him, shaved off a large chunk of his own hair!!

Mom was furious! How could her husband be so irresponsible?

And then, it got worse. She only had brief moments between patients to try and understand what was happening at home, and he wasn’t answering. He sent her a few more pictures of their son “hiding under the blankets” because he was so embarassed. Then, he told her that he would try and make their son “feel better.”This is what she received:As soon as she saw the picture, she knew she had to come home. She was livid. “I’M COMING HOME!!!”
The entire thing was a big joke!!

She was angry, and made a few threats, but Bobby survived the night after his wife came home! That’s one way to keep things interesting, I guess. What would YOU have done?

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