Dad Posts Shirtless Selfie With Son For One HEARTWARMING Reason!

Robert went viral this week after posting a shirtless selfie alongside his young son, Chace, who was trying to suck in his stomach to have “abs like daddy.” But dad’s killer abs aren’t why this selfie went viral.

Chace was born with a congenital heart defect and survived countless surgeries as he fought for his life. Now, he uses a feeding tube as he continues to fight to survive, day after day. One of the most important things Robert wants to teach his son is confidence, and he had an idea to help his son to really learn what it meant. He took one of his son’s spare feeding tubes and glued it to his own stomach in the same place to show support. He didn’t want his son to feel that the tube made him any less of a person or any different from anyone else. He was living in the best way possible, and being confident enough to face each new day would take his son far in life.

As long as I’m breathing, he’ll never be in a fight alone.” Robert wrote.

His son received thousands of messages of support and encouragement – which Robert is sure Chace will appreciate when he’s a little older. He wants more people to be aware of the struggles that many children go through just to live, and when his selfie went viral, he took the chance to spread the word to help support other children going through the same battles.

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