Dad Of The Year Escorts His Daughter And Her Best Friend To Father-Daughter Dance For Heartbreaking Reason

It’s official: the best dad ever lives in Indiana.

When his daughter, Angelina, told him about the annual father-daughter dance at her school, he had an idea. You see, Angelina has a best friend named Ellcy and they have been friends since meeting in kindergarten.

In 2016, Ellcy’s father passed away.

I said to Angelina, ‘I know it’s your night, but what do you think about sharing and we can double date?'” Dad said. “It was an easy choice for me. Whatever makes these little girls smile is what I’ll do.”

The girls have been inseparable for years and act more like sisters than best friends at times. When he offered to take them both to the dance, Ellcy’s mother was grateful. Knowing that her daughter has other members of the community to look up to is a comfort to her, and Ellcy didn’t have to feel like she would miss out on the dance thanks to him.

He plans to bring the girls on an ice cream date in his ’69 Camaro – it’s their favorite car!

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