Dad Makes His First YouTube Video, The Reason Why Brought Me To Tears

The emotional toll of bullying can leave serious distress on children and their parents. Sadly, incidents where kids take their own lives is still on the rise. Meanwhile, parents struggle left and right just to find a solution to keep their young ones from harm. This video shows what Bradley Knudson, a father from Minnesota, has in mind.

Instead of keeping his frustrations and letting them get in his head, Bradley has decided to speak about the series of ordeals he and his daughter experienced. This is truly a difficult subject for anyone, but he bravely stepped out and made everyone aware how distasteful bigotry is by showing the calls and videos sent to them.

If there’s one effective way to battle these bullies, it’s by calling them out and let people know their hurtful intentions. All these negativity has no place in this world, and it is up for the parents to let their children know that they are very much loved and protected.

(Warning there is some racist references and strong language in this video)

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