Dad Got His Head TRAPPED Under The Tire Of His SUV. Three Teens Saved His LIFE!

This father wouldn’t be breathing if his teenage son hadn’t been nearby when he needed him the most. Bob Staub was out fishing with his 14-year-old son and two of the boy’s teenage friends when their SUV jammed itself into ‘park.’ He knew his vehicle and was confident that it would be a quick fix…unfortunately, he made a near-fatal mistake.

While backing the SUV along the boat ramp, the gears locked, but Staub had already been through this quirk before. All he needed to do was manually shift the gear himself. He’d done it before, so he thought nothing of it when he slid under the carriage to correct it. It worked, and the car slid into ‘neutral…’ but it also instantly began rolling backwards; Staub had forgotten to set the parking break, and the SUV was on an incline.

When he’d done it on his driveway, he hadn’t needed to lock it all in place.

The vehicle’s tire rolled onto his head and wedged his skull against the concrete. He instantly fell unconscious, and the boys realized what had happened. Instead of panicking, they worked together and pushed the vehicle forward. It took roughly 45 seconds, but Staub regained consciousness long enough to move his head out of the tire’s path.

They called 911, and after scans and tests, doctor’s revealed that Staub had only sustained bruising from the ordeal.

Incredibly, he survived against impossible odds, and he has three quick-thinking teenagers to thank for it!

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