Dad Gives His Son The Space Ship Bed Of His DREAMS! The Control Panel Is Out Of This World!

One clever dad decided to bring a bit of wonder into his son’s life. Instead of just making a bunk bed for him to sleep on, he transformed the entire corner into a space ship…with ALL of the buttons! The entire bed is accessible by stairs, and the bottom opens up with a circular door. The “cockpit” has window cut-outs for circulation, and fun writing on the sides with “Raptor MARK 2” as the name of the space craft!5.18a2The control panel is covered in light-up buttons, switches, knobs, and button covers for any and every scenario imaginable! This glorious feat of engineering is any kid’s dream! Getting sent to his room is no longer a punishment. How cool is this?!5.18a4A tablet acts as a star chart, and he can plot out his destinations to anywhere in the universe! Hours can be spent in front of this console, just imagining and playing pretend. Space pirate? Yep. Galactic command? Yep! Savior of the Universe?! Yes again! I’ll bet everyone wants to come over and play at his house!5.18a5The only thing that some parents are concerned about? The exposed wiring and multiple plugs. They are secured up above the play area, but that all of those outlets are making people nervous. Some think that dad should have covered it, or found another space that isn’t so accessible to tiny hands. They are calling it a fire hazard. What do you think?5.18a3If they chose to talk to their son about being safe around electronics, they probably trust their son not to mess with the wires. Besides that, this really is an incredible place to play! He even has his own command chair! This is a dream come true.

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