Dad Gets Nasty Looks When He Parks In This Space But Has A Question For The Shop

Justin Simard and his adorable 9-month-old son were running a quick errand when he took advantage of the parking space up front. It had a sign that read “Expecting Mothers | Mothers With Small Children,” but he just assumed it was for anyone shopping with a young child. Wrestling with a car seat, diaper bag, baby carrier, and eventual purchases was difficult enough, so he parked right up front. He wouldn’t have realized exactly what the sign said until he got out of his car and came face to face with another shopper shooting him a dirty look from the next space over.

It wasn’t until he opened the door to the backseat and began unbuckling his son that the person started minding their own business. He took a selfie with the sign and decided to ask the store if he was allowed to park there.

Incredibly, they responded within minutes, asking him which location he was shopping at so that they could contact the manager and update the signage in the parking lot. His tweet was picked up almost instantly with people supporting the question. Shouldn’t it just say “parents?” Others wanted to know why it couldn’t just say “shoppers with small children” instead as many of them babysit while running errands.

Expecting mothers made sense, they said, but the wording on the sign had led to another shopper judging this dad for parking with his baby, and everyone seemed to agree that it needed to go. The feel-good story quickly spread, and people hope that other stores will take notice.

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