Dad Found This On His Living Room Couch. His 3-Year-Old’s Explanation Is So Relatable.

Raising kids means that every day has a high chance of confusing and adorable shenanigans that will make us simultaneously laugh and sigh. Normally, our first question is a simple one:


This guy came downstairs and found his couch covered in an entire container of cheese balls. It turns out that his 3-year-old son wanted to save time and packed his own lunch. It has all of the major food groups:

Cheese, and…cheese.
Many adults have seen the pictures and can relate.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m 37 and once every month or so I buy a bag of Cheetos and a couple of beers, and after everyone is asleep I watch the TV shows I want to watch, drink my beer, and eat my Cheetos.

And it’s glorious.” One dad wrote.

While many have admitted to accidentally-on-purpose eaten an entire tub of cheeseballs at one point or another in their lives, dad found it funny that his son had the same mindset as some grown adults. “I like it. This is the only thing that I want.”

Dad just had to take a picture! And now we’re all craving cheese balls.

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