Dad Found A Genius Way To Keep His 2-Year-Old Triplets From FIGHTING In The Car!

Jake White had had enough. The kids were screeching up a storm in the back seat one day, and he knew he had to do something to keep them from fighting while he was trying to drive. The kids had started stealing each others’ snacks.

To a 2-year-old, that’s the end of the world.”

He had some foam core board on hand and used two large pieces to separate each child from the others. The kids aren’t big enough to break it…yet! Isolated from the others (and still able to see dad!), the children were able to calm down, and dad was able to concentrate of driving safely.
10-6a7He wrote in a post on Facebook that at one point, he went through a drive-thru and the people at the window thought his idea was genius. More parents are willing to take measures like this if it means being able to drive around without dividing their attention between the road and the backseat!

A few parents were quick to judge (surprise, surprise) and one went on to point out every tiny detail that she could to try and detract from his genius idea…but he responded with more concern for the “pet alligator that we keep in the back.”

And while car safety experts have yet to weigh in on this dad’s clever problem-solving skills, many parents don’t have an issue with his methods. If it keeps the kids calm and allows a parent to focus on driving safely, they say “O.K!” What do YOU think of this guy’s life hack?


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