Dad Follows His Gut And Hires A Helicopter To Search For His Missing Son…And FINDS Him!

It had been 24 hours since Tony Lethbridge had heard from his 17-year-old son, Samuel. The young man had been on his way home and had been meant to meet with his girlfriend later in the day. He never made it. When Tony went to the police, they told him to go home and wait. In cases like Samuel’s, it was usually a young person running off and forgetting to phone home…but Tony just knew that wasn’t true.

He started thinking. He knew that the stretch of road his son would have been traveling on was heavily forested, and he remembered a few years prior an accident in which the driver hadn’t been found for nearly a week after dying of his injuries. Tony wasn’t going to take that chance.

He collected as much cash as he could, $1,000, and drove to the airport. At 9am, he walked into the airport and told them he needed a helicopter to search as much as possible with the money he had.

The flight crew took off…and ten minutes later, spotted the car accident off of the highway. It couldn’t be seen from the road, and if Tony hadn’t followed his gut, his son would have died.30 hours after going missing, Samuel was cut out of his vehicle by emergency crews. He suffered multiple injuries and dehydration, but thanks to his father’s persistence and quick-thinking, will make a full recovery.

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