Dad Finds This Note Folded Under His Windshield Wiper. It Is Addressed To “Super Dad.”

Every morning, Lorena’s husband parks his car in the parking lot of his son’s middle school. His son is in the 7th grade and is old enough to walk to school on his own, but his daughter, who is in elementary school, is not. The two schools are attached by a concrete pathway, and every morning, his daughter holds his hand and practically drags him to the drop-off area. He carries her backpack and any toys that she justĀ hadĀ to bring to school that day and listens as she talks to him.

One morning, he returned to his car to see this note from a “super fan,” a little boy who wanted to let the “super dad” know just how much his actions were appreciated and admired.

To: Super Dad,

We know that you don’t know us, but we watch you every morning and we love that you walk your daughter to school every morning. You show what a real man can do for his daughter. We love to watch you and every day our hearts melt just watching you and your daughter walking. The girls and I want someone like you to marry us one day. We also love that you carry her backpack for her. Well, hope we can see you a little later Super Dad.

From your super fan, Harris Hawk”

Lorena thanks the stranger for taking the time to appreciate her husband’s actions, and wishes them all the best.

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