Dad Creates Magical “Beauty And The Beast” Photographs With His 3-Year-Old Daughter

In stunning fashion, this father-daughter duo have re-created the “tale as old as time” by manipulating photos and exquisite costume designs! They won’t be forgetting these memories anytime soon…and people on the internet can’t get enough!Josh Rossi is a professional photographer who wanted to do something memorable for his 3-year-old daughter, Nellee. With the help of his wife, they brought the storybook characters to life! The family traveled to Milan, Florence, the Swiss Alps, Munich, and the Neuschwanstein Castle in order to capture the most realistic shots possible.The family bonded in a magical way during the trip.

Right now she [Belle] is her favorite princess by far. I think she loves the romantic scene between Belle and The Beast. She was so excited at the photo shoot to be able to dance with me while we were shooting.┬áTo me the photo shows the relationship that we have. It shows the love that I have for her. To her I think it probably means the same,” he said.

The results don’t lie!These are absolutely stunning! Would you recreate you favorite fairy tale?

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