Dad Copies His Daughter’s Racy Photographs And Has Twice As Many Followers As She Does

Chris Martin is a comedian, but in his spare time he has a strange hobby that is really starting to gain him a unique set of fans. His daughter began posting suggestive selfies online, and he thought it would be funny to copy them as best he could. He started doing it a while back, but his hilarious recreations have┬ácaused him to gain more fans than his daughter! Twice as many, to be precise! It started off as a joke, but now he likes to be as accurate as he possibly can to capture the “feel” of her photos. Whether he is playfully mocking her tattoos, her eyebrows, her makeup, or her pose, he tries to mimic the backgrounds and poses as if he were actually there!She thinks it is hilarious and appreciates his attention to detail. Sometimes, she tries to trip him up, but he was not about to let her win! He even counted out the little dots from her tattoo to make it extremely accurate!Nothing is off limits for this dad – he’ll try anything. And that’s why people have followed him.Now, he’s got twice as many followers as his daughter and thinks its great. He isn’t worried about being embarrassed or being made fun of. He only cares that he and his daughter have this hilarious hobby in common…and he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon!

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