Dad Charged $40 To Hold His Newborn, Comes Up With Hilarious Way To Pay It Back

A while ago, we shared this story about a new dad who received a charge on his hospital bill for simply holding his son briefly after the child’s birth. At a whopping $39.35, that hug was expensive, and many people agreed that the charge was ridiculous. It was pointed out by many nurses and hospital staff that the charge was actually for a nurse to stay in the room with the infant while the new parents cuddled their new child…it was just poorly worded on the invoice! 10-4a15

But this dad has found the perfect way for his son to “earn his keep!” Now that he knows just how much a hug is worth, he’ll make sure to capitalize on it in the most adorable way! Many people have suggested that he take his cute baby to visit the billing office at the hospital and see what they think of their own pricing system. Others offered to snuggle the adorable bundle of joy and pay double.
10-27a1The cost to have a baby in a hospital is steep, but his parents believe it was all worth it. Playing on their viral post, they made sure to update everyone once things settled down.

Hey, that “hug tax” may be nuts, but at least his parents can joke about it! (Plus, how cute is that onesie?!)


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