Cutest Cats On The Planet? Check.

It’s no surprise that pictures and videos of cats are the most popular things on the internet. Many people have spent entire afternoons just watching cat videos or reading stories about cats. They’re clever, adorable, and sometimes hilarious. While it may be amplified by the fact that we can instantly snap a photo of our feline friends and share it instantly with the world, the love of cats is deeply ingrained into humanity reaching so far back, there are carvings and mentions of the animals in ancient texts and artworks.

Here we have the Caracal, quite possibly the world’s cutest cat, relatively unchanged over thousands of years. (Well, probably.)10-11a7This particular breed can grow up to be around 40 pounds, can run at speeds up to 50mph, and have roots in ancient Egypt. These cats were depicted in sculptures, paintings, and carvings, and are identifiable by their specific markings. They even mummified their favorites! (Yikes!)10-11a9Caracals thrive best in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. That doesn’t stop people from wanting to tame them!10-11a10These 40-pound cats can be domesticated and kept as pets, but since they are classified as “wild animals,” it is probably illegal to own one in your country. Sadly, many of us are left to look at adorable pictures online and imagine a time when these majestic cats were free to roam the land, wandering about wherever they pleased. Would YOU own one of these incredible cats?


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