Customers Keep Blocking The Driveway Of This Church’s Parking Lot. A Neighbor Decided To Teach A Lesson.

Dale was fed up with people blocking the driveway of his church. He lived next door to the large parking lot and knew that people wouldn’t stop until he started to teach them a lesson. They could have just driven into the parking lot to park, but instead kept blocking the driveway so that others couldn’t. Every time he confronted one of them, they always responded with a flippant “I’ll just be a minute.”

But during the morning rush, Dale knew that “just a minute” could mean up to 30 minutes, not 1. When he asked this man to move, he said he’d just be a minute like all the rest.

The man was gone long enough for Dale to go back inside, warm up his coffee from Starbucks, change his clothes, grab his tripod and set up his camera, grab a book, grab a snack and cigarettes before the man was back. Remember, he had told him “I’ll just be a minute…” but 30 minutes later, the man still hadn’t come back.

9.2a12When he finally made it back to his car, he found that Dale had settled his chair in front of the car. When the man asked Dale to move, Dale responded:

I’ll just be a minute.”

After 3 minutes, Dale picked up his chair and moved. He told the man that he could use the parking lot next time instead, and the man had the decency to apologize and agree.

Many people think that Dale went about this problem in the right way, but that maybe next time, he could just call a tow truck instead.

What do you think about Dale’s unique solution to this problem?


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