Customer Got Angry At Cashier When They Were Out Of Drink Carriers. The Next Day, She Returns With THIS.

Anyone who has ever worked with customers directly knows that sometimes, they can behave like complete jerks. They are just people, and when people get frustrated, they lash out. Most workers in customer service learn to ignore the rude outbursts and continue with their day, but when one woman lost her temper with the drive-thru cashier…she couldn’t believe she had acted so horribly. She went back the next day with an apology and a little something extra. (Transcript below.)

Greetings Starbucks Barista!

Yesterday at your drive thru we had a less then cheerful encounter. At no fault of yours, you were out of carriers and said you could not take my empty cup (trash). I was less than understanding and my manner was curt. I need to apologize. The thought of leaving a trail of unkindness like that is so not the path I want to reflect, not for you, not for me.

You are a young man, clearly working hard to build a future and you should be commended. Keep up your attitude of cheer & hope. Stay hopeful no matter what kind of people cross your path (or drive thru 🙂 ) Surely, God has good blessings in store. You taught this ole lady something yesterday about kindness, compassion and staying humble. I thank you! God bless you today and all your future todays.


Inside of the card was a $50 bill and a heartfelt apology. Even if she hadn’t given him the cash, this note restored his faith in humanity. While workers in customer service know that people can be rude when they don’t get their way, having someone admit that they were wrong to lash out at a stranger was priceless.

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