Cucamelons Are The Most Adorable Fruits EVER! Have You Tried One Yet?!

With cute nicknames like “mouse melon” and “baby watermelons,” how can you not fall in love with these tiny little fruits? If you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting one before, many people describe them as “sour cucumbers,” with the fresh crunch of a cucumber and the sour tang of citrus. They are roughly the size of a grape and have the same coloring as watermelon, confusing people everywhere with their curious existence. 8.10a4

The cucamelons grow on a vine which means that they are fairly easy to grow at home. They take root and blossom with almost no trouble, and each plant provides a lot of little melons. Some are sold at local farmer’s markets, but finding them in stores may not be so common in your area…so keep your eyes peeled for little containers of teeny tiny cucamelons! 8.10a5

Many people eat them raw (or by the handful), and even more use them for garnishes in drinks and salads. It is reported that they make the world’s cutest pickles, too! 8.10a6Why are these cute, pint-sized melons going viral? We have no idea, but if hundreds of thousands of people are in love, then so are we! Look for seeds and try these for yourself! I can’t wait to grow some in the back yard and make delicious, miniature pickles! Did you know that these fruits existed?

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