Cruel People Nearly Kill This Dog By Trying To Dye Her PURPLE! What The Rescuers Want YOU To Know!

Pet owners love to glam up their four-legged best friends! While most of us use cute outfits or bedazzled leashes, some people decide to take their pets’ beauty regimens too far. In the case of Violet, she was almost killed on her owner’s quest for her to look “cute”. When Violet was surrendered to the shelter, the staff weren’t sure if the little dog would survive the night, but they weren’t about to give up hope.

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Violet was in an excruciating amount of pain. Her previous owner had used hair dye meant for humans instead of fur dye made specifically for animals. Violet had a strong reaction, and the 5lb Maltese suffered from extreme chemical burns that burned away a large portion of her skin. The staff gave her medication for the pain and rinsed off as much of the dye as they could without hurting her further. They comforted her and hoped that she would make it through the night.
With one eye swollen shut and multiple burns across her body, it was a miracle that she survived until the morning…but what they soon learned warmed all of their hearts: Violet was a fighter!

Throughout each treatment, bandage change, ointment application, scab removal, and injection, Violet kissed and snuggled her new favorite humans as much as she was able. It was a long, hard road to recovery but she wasn’t going to give up!
Months later, Violet recovered and found a new home, but her situation was so dire that her caretakers wanted to spread the word about tragedies like this one. Products made for humans, they said, were generally not safe for animals, and they hope that Violet’s story will discourage others from making deadly mistakes like this in the future!

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