Cross-Eyed Kitty Finds A New Home Just In Time For Christmas

This cat looked odd from across the parking lot, but the woman who spotted him didn’t let his appearance stop her from helping. She worked nearby, and when she saw a beautiful cat wandering around the cars parked at the motel across the street, she knew that she needed to help! The cat had seemed strange for two reasons, she realized after getting close. The first was that he was a Manx cat, which meant that his tail was a lot shorter than most other cats’, and the second was that his eyes weren’t able to focus on things directly in front of his face.

She contacted her local rescue organization and hoped that they could find him a loving home.

…but it wasn’t easy. The Manx cat, now named Crosby, was sent to live in a foster home. People weren’t fond of his physical differences, and so he stayed with the foster family for over four years…

Until Gobi, a Scottish Fold cat with severe arthritis, arrived at the foster home to live with Crosby. His previous owners found it too difficult to properly care for the cat in constant pain and surrendered him. They wanted him to get the help he deserved.
And something unexpected happened: Crosby and Gobi became instant friends. They somehow knew what the other needed, stepping in to help one another without having to ask.

It was then that the foster family knew that Crosby and Gobi had found their forever home…and they had been there all along!

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