Cricket Tries To Escape The Cold And Ends Up Having Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Most of us are all too familiar with the creepy critters that invade our homes when the weather gets cold outside, but one cricket got more than it bargained for when it tried to escape the snow on a frigid night in December. A man named Garrett Watts opened his door, but because of the weather, this little cricket was just itching to get inside where it would be warm. It only wanted to survive the night…but it probably hadn’t expected to have the night of its life!

Instead of tossing the cricket out back into the cold where it would surely die, he decided to treat it to a romantic dinner. A little pot of water, a bit of pickle, and a small slice of Swiss cheese were the main courses. Frank Ocean played soothingly in the background to set the mood, and a nearby candle provided the small cricket with just enough light to see the menu. (Probably).The next morning, warmed by its recent dinner and soothing music, the cricket hopped back out into the sunlight ready to face the new day.

I miss him & hope he’s good,” Watts wrote to his followers on Twitter.

Some people wanted to know why he would waste time preparing a meal for a cricket…but others hoped that the cricket returned the next day with a date!

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