Creepy Eel Swimming Upstream Is Freaking People Out!

Yes, this thing is horrific. Yes, it is real. No, you can’t have one.

Eels aren’t generally the size of terrifying sea monsters, but if you ever happen to be in Stratford, New Zealand…watch out! They aren’t as gross as leeches, but they come pretty close. I mean, just look at it:

They may be a tasty choice for lunch at your favorite sushi bar, but seeing one the size of a Labrador is enough to make anyone squirm. Most people don’t see eels out in the wild. They tend to stay out of sight.

When hundreds of eels set to be sold off to fish markets spilled across the road to make a slimy mess, people were shocked! They’d never seen eels…and if they had, they’d never seen so many! But those eels were small…and almost cute in a way.

This eel? This eel is the stuff of nightmares. How it got to the stream and where it might have been heading is a mystery…but we would kind of like to know so that we can avoid that area forever.

Please and thanks, creepy eel!

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