Create The PERFECT Greeting Card With Shaving Cream And Food Coloring!

When is the last time you bought a greeting card? Some of the really nice ones (you know, with glitter, pull-strings, and speakers) can cost up to $10. Sure, you can find cheap ones for less than a dollar, but they tend to be a little underwhelming. Crafty persons have discovered an awesome way to create custom greeting cards, and crafty parents are excited to give the kids something to do when it rains.

It’s easy (and cheap!) to create these works of art, so grab some old shaving cream, food coloring, and your creativity!

In a baking tin or another easily-washable, flat container, spread a generous amount of shaving cream big enough to fit a piece of cardstock.
9.7a1Swirl the food coloring into different shapes and patterns with a paintbrush (or for the kids, their hands) and place the cardstock face-down onto the designs.
9.7a3When you lift it up, the food coloring will stick to the paper, but the shaving cream will wipe right off and leave a perfect design behind! Add embellishments like stickers or hand-drawn designs in black marker for a personal touch.9.7a2The designs are fun, easy, and if you have a group of kids who won’t stop telling you that they are bored, a way to get 15 minutes without little hands pulling on your pant legs and wanting “up.”

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