Create An AWESOME Back Yard Race Track For The Kids This Weekend!

This is a really neat (and EASY, thank goodness!) project that will last for years and years in your back yard. What’s that? Low maintenance and will keep the kids busy for hours on end?! Sign me up!

So here’s now it works: you’ll need some concrete blocks, and an imagination. Yes, that’s it. Most of you already have 50% of the supplies already! Way to go!

This next bit is optional, but it you have white paint (or chalk) you can draw on little dividers on your “race track” and teach the kids about road signs and what different colored lines mean…of course, that’s totally up to you. (This mom even made a little parking lot!)


Next, find a spot in your yard and dig out enough dirt so that the blocks will sit relatively flat. She drew the white dividers before deciding how to create her awesome race track/highway/parking lot combo, so they look a bit strange. But I guarantee you that the kids won’t mind one bit! They have an awesome play area built right into the ground, and that is the coolest thing ever.

Toss in some decorations, park some cars, and be the envy of the neighborhood! Bonus points if you can figure out a way to make a sandbox in the middle of your masterpiece.4.18a12 This project is great because it incorporates all of the things kids love best: dirt, toy cars with wheels that move, and more dirt. What’s not to love! This is a great weekend project that will keep the kids occupied, outdoors, and away from the television for hours on end!

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