Crazy Woman Shoves Toddler Aside To Get To The Front Of The Line. The Toddler’s Sister Has The PERFECT Comeback!

What would you have done in this situation? You’re standing in line waiting to order food with your two children. They’re probably hungry and maybe a little cranky. It’s cold outside, you’ve been carrying your 2-year-old for the last 30 minutes and your arm is just starting to go numb. Maybe it’s been a really long wait in line. Maybe your 5-year-old keeps reminding you that she is hungry (because obviously mommy must have forgotten the first 3 times she said it) and you’re almost to the front of the line…when THIS happens!


Mom didn’t even have to say a word! These kids are amazing. I don’t know that I would have said it any better than that 5-year-old! Honestly, these kids are just applying what they have learned from their parents. When you’re doing something naughty, you should stop and “be more polite!” This crazy woman was shamed by two little kids in front of a long line of waiting customers. I have no idea what she was so angry about or why she thought it was appropriate to storm the cash register, but hopefully she will think TWICE before doing something so absurd in the future!

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