Crazy New Trend: Ear Makeup. (Yes, You Read That Right)

Why? Because.10-26a13

That’s the only logical explanation for the newest trend to hit the runways (and social media). Instead of using makeup to enhance facial features, makeup gurus and models and many more have started to include their ears. Along with contouring, people have decided that ears are now a part of their canvas and include them in their makeup routines. 10-26a15Accentuating features is not a new concept, but before now, no one put any sort of powder on their ears. It didn’t even cross anyone’s minds. How often to you put foundation on your ears? Never? 10-26a16But now that more people have started, we might end up seeing this on the streets. Highlighting and contouring those ears may be a common thing in the next few decades. It just seems so strange…is that because it’s new, or because it is actually strange?10-26a14Whatever the case, it hasn’t stopped kids and adults alike from exploring this new way to express themselves, and it doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon. While other trends like glitter hair, flower beards, ribbon eyeliner, and hidden rainbow hair might die down after the novelty wears off, we’re not too sure about the ear paint.

It’s subtle enough to be worn daily and doesn’t take as much preparation as the more complex looks. What do YOU think about this? Will ear paint grow more popular, or is it already over?


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