“Crazy Hair Day” At School Wasn’t Much Fun For Girl Without Hair…Until Mom Had A CRAZY Idea!

7-year-old Gianessa began to lose her hair, leaving large balding patches until eventually, it all fell out. She was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune skin disease that causes hair loss, and within three weeks, she had gone completely bald. When it came time for her school’s “Crazy Hair Day,” she wasn’t going to be able to participate…but mom had an idea to make Crazy Hair Day even better

“I came across some scrapbooking stickers in Walmart. They were jewel-toned and extremely sparkly which fit her personality perfectly,” said mom. “She chose the main design and I applied it to her head. She just wants to be treated like every other kid, she wants to have fun and fit in. She loves crazy hair day and this is a great way for her to feel like she was just one of the crowd.”

“She looked in the mirror and said, ‘Mom, this is awesome!’ Her friends loved it too.”

Gianessa hasn’t changed much since losing her hair. It doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves; dancing, fashion, and karate.

After showing up to school with her fabulous new look, the school decided to change it from “Crazy Hair Day” to “Crazy HEAD Day!”

Making all of their students feel included was a big win, and Gianessa’s confidence is inspiring!

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