Crazy Fun Kids Craft Lets Them Practice Giving Hair Cuts!

Perhaps if I had known about this craft a few years ago, my 7-year-old wouldn’t have tried to cut her sister’s bangs just before school pictures…or at least it would have given her a bit of practice! Using scissors, while a bit dangerous at times, is one of the most fun parts of arts and crafts time, and this craft using paper plates is going to be an instant favorite!

Draw faces on a stack of paper plates – happy, sad, girls and boy, maybe even a few cats and dogs! – and trim along the bottom leaving round circles for their “ears.” Carefully cut “hair” by slicing the top of the paper plate in thin strips. The thinner the better! Kids can fold and chop the hair, practicing their styling skills and boosting their imaginations! Give a play using the new characters that they create! Do the paper people love their new haircuts, or do they want a refund? What does the family cat look like with a mohawk? Color the hair with markers or paint for an added 30+ minutes to craft time!

This one is perfect for those rainy afternoons! You can find more details on this project here.

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