CRAZY Children Covered Puppy In Super Glue “Just For Fun.” This Clinic Saved His Life!

Pascal was reportedly drowned in glue by horrible kids who just wanted to find out what would happen. 11-14a12

The little puppy was brought to an animal shelter, caked in glue and unable to move in a cardboard box. His entire left side was encased in super glue, his fur matted together in the cement-like substance, his left eye covered by matted fur and his ear slowly beginning to rot. The puppy was able to move, but the pain was too intense. He was taken from the clinic so that this incredible team could try and save his life.11-14a13

They began by carefully trying to remove the glue, but it proved to be much more complicated than they first realized. His fur was short, and he had been stuck in the same position for quite some time. Every movement hurt, and he was terrified of humans after the abuse he had suffered.11-14a14

They shaved and cut away the glue, piece by piece, until he was free…but the hard part was just beginning. Pascal was too scared to interact with workers, and they had a difficult journey ahead of them.

But slowly, Pascal learned to trust…and even made a friend! Pascal will need many skin treatments to heal, but once his skin has recovered, he will be ready for a forever home! 11-14a15

His story is helping parents teach their children that animal abuse is wrong, and encouraging parents to seek professional help for their children if they notice signs that could lead to abuse like Pascal’s.


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