Cracked Or Crushed Your Powdered Makeup? There’s An EASY Way To Fix It!

We’ve all done it! Dropping a compact can have devastating effects on the powder inside. From eye shadows and blushes to contours and brows, the delicate powders only need to hit the right angle in a makeup bag before we end up with a huge mess! The powder is expensive and we hate to toss it…and that’s why makeup gurus have discovered a way to keep money in their wallets by salvaging ruined products!

First, grab your destroyed products and wrap them in plastic wrap! Next, crush everything up even further. It sounds nuts, but it totally works! The “magic” happens when you pour isopropyl alcohol into the loose powder. Work it in until it becomes a thick paste. Then, pat the powder back down with a smooth tool – a butter knife or your finger will work just fine! Let it dry completely.

The alcohol will evaporate without leaving any trace behind, leaving a perfectly smooth container packed with your product!When I first learned about this trick, it made me sick…I had thrown away so many containers filled with perfectly good product and I had no idea at all! Save money with this super clever makeup hack!

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