Cozy Sweater Has A Secret Function: “Leave Me Alone!”

Have you ever wanted to just escape from…well, anywhere? An awkward situation, a crowded bus, a smelly elevator filled with coworkers, a boring meeting? We’ve all been there. Maybe some creep has been staring at you since you got in line at the postal office. Maybe you keep making eye contact with the lady sitting at the other end of the diner.

Well, thanks to a designer named Ruth Grace, you can! With one quick zip! you can shut yourself out of even the most intense situations by closing the neck of your sweater. One moment, all eyes are on you…and the next, no eyes are on you! (If you can’t see them, they probably can’t see you.)Alright, so it isn’t really functional, but it is a bold way to end confrontations. Angry neighbor telling you to stop letting your dog poop on their lawn? Zip! Landlord angry that your rent is overdue? Zip! Friends wondering why you didn’t make it to their 6-year-old’s interpretive dance recital? Zip!

You can wear this sweater in three different ways: Cowl neck, off-the-shoulder…and the ever-popular Leave Me Alone!

No, you can’t see out of it…and no, you can’t wear it like this for extended periods of time without bumping into stuff…and you aren’t legally allowed to wear it like this while driving…but it is a nice thought.

If only it were a bit more practical.

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