Couples That HATE Cheesy Love Things Finally Have A Way To Celebrate Valentine’s!

In the wake of the woman who didn’t like flower bouquets, it turns out that a lot of people would rather get something useful and “real” instead of dead plants and empty sentiments. Even people who have a sweetheart are starting to stray away from the concept of “Valentine’s.” Why spend $100 on roses when you could go out and eat your weight in crab legs instead? Why waste time picking out a romantic card that just says “I love you?” Instead, people are finding joy in these no-nonsense sentiments that seem to say a lot more than “you’re the one.”We’re in love already.Let’s be real – hundreds of people would rather snuggle and binge watch Netflix instead of go out on a crowded Valentine’s night!So…romantic?The realistic option feels so special.Don’t say “I’m not hungry” and reach for my fries!Well, if it’s true…These hilarious cards make the holiday seem a little more bearable! I’m not about to say ‘no’ to a box of delicious dark chocolate, but a believable sentiment is so much better than a cheesy note that says “ur beary cute” attached to a stuffed bear.

Do you love these new cards, or hate them?

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