Couple’s Romantic Gestures Show Us That Sometimes, It’s The Thought That Counts

Being in a romantic relationship takes work. Little surprises say ‘I was thinking about you,’ and small gestures say ‘you’re important to me.’ So what does an order of wings say?

“I love you!”

When Paige came home and set up the surprise, she was excited. The couple had known each other for three years but had only been dating for five months. She stopped by their favorite wing place and picked up his favorite order while he was out playing basketball. She set out their food and prepared to start their favorite show…until he walked through the door with the exact same idea!
He walked in, grinning and proud of himself for his clever idea…only to find that great minds think alike! Since they both knew what the other preferred, they ended up with double of their favorite things! Paige posted the entire story on Twitter, and people found their hearts melting at the thought. Not only did they know exactly what to buy for each other, they had the same idea on the same day just 15 minutes apart. They even stopped at the same restaurant!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? We think the whole thing is just too sweet!

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